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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The First Cut is the Deepest

Yesterday marked our two-year anniversary and the date we broke ground on the block.

We arrived at our block at 8am yesterday morning, after receiving an email from our builder on Friday that work would begin at this time, and were greeted by a truck and bobcat-type-thing (I have been told by Mick that it's not an actual bobcat...sheesh):

We asked the bobcat driver if we might be able to rescue the Red Hot Pokers at the side of the block, and he very kindly offered to dig them up for us and place them at the front of the block. Which we happily accepted!

After watching the digger break ground and and rescue our plants:

We waved our thanks and good-by to the driver, leaving him to his work. In this time, we also managed to ask our neighbours to please keep their bins off our land and explained to them that no, we will NOT be removing our beautiful Manchurian Pears. They are annoyed that the trees drop leaves, even though they have two deciduous trees of their own in their front yard. Then, we think, they offered to buy the land of us... it was all very strange.

Anyway, when we came back in the early afternoon, the scraping was complete:

Next comes piering...


  1. Woohoo felt like forever, but we are all here and ready for action! Congrats guys great to see

  2. Congratulations... its all happening now :)